SICA Nucléaire has defined its code ethics and undertakes to respect and ensure respect for the following moral obligations:

1 – Prior Agreement

Clearly define the objectives and content of the assignment in an agreement that can be accepted by the client, and agree and receive a fair remuneration for the assignment.

2 – Impartiality

Highlight and consider only the facts objectively, honestly and fairly when providing professional advice, diagnosis or assessment.

3 – Integrity

Not to accept any payment, gift, commission or other personal benefit from the client, its suppliers, their representatives or any other party concerned, which could cast doubt on the independence of SICA at the time of the assignment.

4 – Obligation of discretion

Not to pass judgement, or make comments to third parties, on the quality of the materials, nor on the abilities, know-how or skills of the people contacted during the missions, which could damage the reputation of the client or its suppliers.

5 – Confidentiality

Take all necessary precautions to avoid the disclosure, directly or indirectly, of confidential documents or information in order to preserve the intellectual and industrial property of the client or its suppliers.

6 – Conflict of interest

Not to act as a third party assessor on behalf of an accreditation body, if the SICA is directly involved in the consultancy or training of the entity being assessed.

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