We offer 19 training modules to meet your needs in the nuclear field:

Nuclear safety and quality

SICA Nucléaire offers training courses on nuclear quality management systems, nuclear safety culture, the ISO 19443 standard and the INB decree of 7 February 2012.
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Accredited AFCEN

SICA Nucléaire offers accredited training by AFCEN on the 2012 and 2019 RCC-E codes and 2020 RCC-M code.
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SICA Nucléaire offers you awareness training on the various requirements in the nuclear sector: on your organisation, in manufacturing, on the CCTR paint note, PMUC note, etc.
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Pedagogical engineering

SICA Nucléaire adapts to your needs and offers customised services. In accordance with your specifications, we will design training supports and e-learning modules for you.
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The inter-company trainings are a way to share and exchange with the speaker and the other trainees.
Our training sessions are conducted with a limited number of 12 trainees over a defined period.
These choices favor exchanges during the learning phase, theoretical teaching and practical application…


No inter-company training courses in English scheduled this year 2024 (available in French)

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