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Since the Fukushima Accident, our civil society has evolved and has never needed security as much, which is, according to Law 2006/686 of June 13, 2006, a set of areas that include nuclear safety.

It is with a permanent concern for performance and a demanding and strict ethical framework that SICA Nucléaire has provided you with its solutions since 2009. Relying on strong technical and quality internal skills, we provide customers the best service :

  INSPECTION of supply of materials from your suppliers to the packaging of the finished product through entry control, manufacture ans final control on your premises.

AUDIT in order to prepare the supplier qualification, to justify mastery of the AIP/QRA, to identify any deviation from the nuclear benchmarks, to select your subcontractors and to evaluate them periodically.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE , accompanying you in :

Nuclear Quality Management System qualification by identification and justification of AIPs/QRAs, drafting of Specific Quality Assurance Plan, implementation of contractual documents (Reference File, Follow Up Document, End of Manufacturing Report, etc).

Material qualification by drafting Qualification Summary report, Specific Qualification Program, Qualification Preservation Sheet, Identification File, Operation and Maintenance Guide or produce specifications for laboratories, and then by implementing the tests.

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Email : marc.nevcheherlian@sicanucleaire.fr
Mobile : + 33 (0)6 72 66 26 22
Tél : +33 (0)4 42 68 09 65

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