This service corresponds to a technical inspection, in accordance with the Order of 07 February 2012, making it possible to justify the mastering of an AIP. Depending on your requirements, SICA Nucléaire can also performs the monitoring of contract planning, launching or progress meetings.
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SICA Nucléaire carries out audits on your premises or with your own suppliers. SICA Nucléaire carries out workstation audits (purchasing, incoming inspection, manufacturing, final testing, etc.). We also offer blank audits to help you prepare for supplier qualification or re-qualification audits carried out by your own customers.
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SICA Nucléaire can help you qualify your equipment and your nuclear quality management system.
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Interested in the RCC-E code, the ISO 19443 standard or safety culture? Join us for our next inter-company training course.
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we use our in-house skills to create customised training materials and e-learning modules that meet the specific needs of our customers. Our priority is to provide our customers with quality products and services, which is why we take a collaborative approach to our process. Trust us to be your trusted partner for all your training and e-learning needs.
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Retrouvez en exclusivité : RCC-E The game et 19443 The game !
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Spécialisée dans le contrôle, la surveillance et la vérification
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SICA Nucléaire vous accompagne dans la qualification de matériel ainsi que de votre système de management de la qualité nucléaire
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Intéressé par le RCC-E, l'ISO 19443 ou encore la culture de sureté : Profitez de notre prochaine formation !
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SICA Nucléaire vous crée des supports de formation, des e-learning sur mesure et en interne.
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Choose the trainings which fit your needs within our large list of distance e-learning, video or face-to-face sessions.

ISO 19443

ISO 19443 standard analysis and the interactions it may have with the Order of February 7th, 2012, the safety culture in accordance with INSAG-4, EDF notes CCTG 051168, SGAQ 2021 and PMUC.

RCC-E 2012 → 2019

AFCEN accredited training on all the requirements of the RCC-E, with a focus on qualification, manufacturing and modification activities on EIP (Element Important for Protection).

Nuclear safety culture

Training on safety culture applied to design, development, production, maintenance, operation and repair activities for a nuclear project.

ISO 19443


Choose the trainings which fit your needs within our large list of distance e-learning, video or face-to-face sessions.






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