Technical assistance

Technical assistance

By the perfect knowledge of the repositories such as the Order of February 7, 2012 and the RCC-E,

accompanies you by speeding up the implementation of lists of important activities for protection and then in the analysis and drafting of contractual documents such as the Reference File, the Monitoring Document, the Individual Quality Assurance Plan, the End of Manufacturing Report.

We also provide you with our expertise in the field of qualification in the sense of RCC-E of your electrical engineering equipment and in the implementation of documents such as the Special Qualification Program, the Qualification Summary Note and the Qualified Materials Sustainability Sheet.

Depending on your needs, we bring you our experience in setting up an internal structure, dedicated to monitoring your manufactures and suppliers, allowing you to ensure that you are in control of your important activities for protection and those of your suppliers.

Qualification of your company as a nuclear supplier
  • Helping to set up a quality management system that meets nuclear requirements
  • Identification, justification and implementation of PIAs,
  • Creating a Special Quality Insurance Plan,
  • Implementation of all quality documents (Reference file, Tracking document, End of Manufacturing Report …).
Material qualification
  • Support in the choice of suppliers and in the retranscription of nuclear requirements,
  • Tracking suppliers for the manufacture of model equipment (prototypes),
  • Writing and/or verifying the Identification File, the Special Qualification Program, the Qualified Materials Sustainability Sheet, the Qualification Summary Note, the Qualification File,
  • Writing Charges for laboratories and monitoring tests,
  • Monitoring the course of qualification and management of non-compliances.

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