SICA Nucléaire controls, according to updated legislation, the main nuclear Quality Related elements.

Our company perform the equipment inspection, from the procurement at your suppliers up to the final packaging, including entrance inspection, manufacturing, and final control.

We also control the related documentation (Monitoring Document, Reference File, Manufacturing Instructions, control procedures and reports ), which represent 50% of the work to be performed for an order in the nuclear field.

These inspections can be realized :

  • At your own suppliers premises, in order to check the conformity of their product before reception,
  • In your premises, during the manufacturing process or before the final acceptance test done by your customer.
  • In accordance with the decree of 7th February 2012, we realize inspections on Quality Related Activities. This service is a thirdparty independant technical control justifying its proper handling.
  • Would you need it, SICA Nucléaire also performs the monitoring of the contract planning, launching or progress meetings.


In accordance with the decree of 7th February 2012, and the various French and international frameworks used in the nuclear industry,

SICA Nucléaire performs in your premises, or at you own suppliers premises, in order to :

  • Identify organisations gaps and in the quality monitoring of your products,
  • Perform monitoring audit of the process organized by you or your suppliers regarding QRA,
  • Justify the reasons for mastering their own Quality Related Activities,
  • Alert the staff to the Nuclear requirements,
  • Assess the Integrated Management System annually.

 SICA Nucléaire performs desk audits (purchases, entrance, inspection, manufacturing, final testing, etc.) which have two objectives :

  • Comply with the Quality Related Activities requirements,
  • Detect the origin of the customer gaps and improve your process and product quality.

We also conducts test audits in order to optimize your preparation of supplier qualification or renewal audits, carried out by your own customers.

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