The Société d’Inspection, de Conseil qualité et d’Audit Nucléaire has defined its Code of Conduct and undertakes to respect and cause to respect the moral obligations hereafter:


  • Prior Agreement

To define clearly the objectives and the content of the mission in an agreement that can be accepted by the customer, then to agree and to receive a fair compensation in connection with this mission.


  • Impartiality

To highlight and only consider the facts objectively, with honesty, and fairly when delivering a professional advice, a diagnosis or an evaluation.


  • Integrity

Do not accept payment, gift, commission, or any other personal benefit from Customer, his suppliers, representatives or any other party concerned, which could raise doubt of the SICA’s independence at the time of the mission.


  • Obligation of discretion

Do not make a judgment or issue comments with any third party on the quality of the materials, or the capacity, know-how or skills of the persons contacted during missions, which would impair the honorability and the reputation of the customer or his suppliers.


  • Confidentiality

To take all required precautions to avoid confidential document or information, directly or indirectly, being disclosed in order to preserve the intellectual and industrial property of the customer or his suppliers.


  • Conflicts of Interest

Do not intervene as a third party assessor on behalf of an accreditation body if the SICA is directly involved in the council or the training of the entity to be assessed.


  • Legitimacy

To refrain from providing services for which the SICA would not have the required skills.


  • Optimization of skills

To maintain our knowledge and skills at a level that is in relation to the development of the standardization, legislation and technology.


  • Dialogue

To endeavor to maintain an attitude of dialogue and to look for effective solutions which are consistent with the legitimate interest of the customer.



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