Since the Fukushima accident, our civil society evolves and needs security more than ever which is, according to the Law 2006/686 of 13 June 2006, a set of areas particularly the nuclear safety.


It is in this particular framework that SICA Nucléaire brings you its solutions in the identification and the implementation of the Quality Related Activities with the Decree of 7 February 2012 as repository, but also when qualifying electrotechnical equipment and supplier, in terms of organization and manufacturing monitoring, according to the RCC-E Code and Technical Notes of EDF No. 85114 and 070403.


As part of the process of continuously improving performance and a strict ethical framework, SICA Nucléaire allows its customers to access to the best of its services of inspection, consulting, audit and training of which you will find the catalogue on this website.


We would like to thank the customers who trust us and always give them the same priority: The quality requirement.

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Marc Nevcheherlian




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More than 19 years of experience in the nuclear field, first as Inspector and Auditor to the EDF Engineering Centre then as Consulting and Trainer with operators, manufacturers and subcontractors. So far, SICA Nucléaire count 6 employees.

Our referring sites


A few official sites relating to the development of nuclear sector in France and abroad. These websites allow obtaining, online, information on regulation, the manufacturing status of nuclear sites, the audits conducted
and the standardization.

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